As the clock strikes twelve and the New Year arrives, I am aware of what I am thinking and doing because I was told long ago that those thoughts would be what my year would bring.

This year, 2015, I was reading Wendell Berry beside my husband, Harry, with my dog, Tulsi, at my side by the warmth of the fire in the light of the Christmas tree. The exact sentences that I read at midnight were “Let tomorrow come tomorrow. It is not by your will that the house will make it through the night.”

What a perfect beginning for my year – sweet surrender.

I’ve always been especially challenged because I can feel overly responsible. And that doesn’t mean that I do too much, it just means that I’m constantly thinking of what I can do, how I can contribute and how I can be a better person. And that can be a huge burden when I’m ill and not feeling well. Layer and layer of guilt and shame can accumulate and make me feel even worse.

Can I find enough trust and faith to rest, truly rest and be at peace?

May I breathe in sweet surrender this upcoming year! May I rest in “THE LOVE” that takes my house through the night.

May we all rest in peace!


Spiritual mentor Deb Vail will often become ecstatic over her dog, a simple flower, violin music or a southern Appalachian handcraft. Communing with a subtly boisterous forest brings her joy difficult to contain. Deb, the founder of Sacred Living, has created a service for those with serious illness to find comfort, ease and bit of wonderment.