Abundance is the ‘in’ word these days. Everywhere you go, you’ll see long articles about how to create it and bring it in to your life but I believe we are missing something: we don’t need to create abundance ~ we need to acknowledge the abundance that is already present in our lives.

We are very rich indeed. No matter how much money you have in your bank account, you’ve got millions of cells working together in your body along with miles of veins that bring blood to your heart. Your heart works unceasingly. Your breath is constant and needs no attention from you to support your life. You may also have legs that afford you the possibility of walking, running, dancing and swimming. Perhaps you have arms and hands that gift you with the ability to do millions of things. You may even have eyes and ears, a tongue with taste buds as well as a nose that all work together and separately to bring you an infinite amount of tactile sensations. And your largest organ, your skin allows you to feel this whole world and be in constant interaction with it at all times.

And here we are in this body with a plethora of emotions that brighten the rainbow of our existence. We feel a range so vast and complete that there are not even adequate words to express the possibilities.

Beyond this personal existence, we are planted here on the earth with an infinity of plants, trees, rocks, birds and animals as well as all of the elements of fire, water, air, earth and metal. They are all here stewarding us, feeding us, sustaining us, giving us medicines for our bodies and our souls.

We are standing in the middle of paradise asking for abundance and yet we don’t even see that we already have it! We are already millionaires!!! We are all billionaires!!!

Instead of looking for the next thing for you to create or do to fulfill yourself, allow yourself to be filled up by receiving the infinite gifts that surround you in every moment. Take the next five minutes to sit in silence just being aware of the miracle of you! Take the next hour to look around you at all the gifts that surround you and acknowledge them all!

Listen! Open up your ears! Look around you! See! Feel everything!! Experience it all!

Give thanks!! And yes, please give thanks! The heaven that you are waiting for arrives in every moment if you chose it. The abundance you are seeking has already arrived! You are alive! It’s all path! It’s all love!

Receive it!! And give thanks!


Spiritual mentor Deb Vail will often become ecstatic over her dog, a simple flower, violin music or a southern Appalachian handcraft. Communing with a subtly boisterous forest brings her joy difficult to contain. Deb, the founder of Sacred Living, has created a service for those with serious illness to find comfort, ease and bit of wonderment.