Qi Gong ~ The Breath of Life

Qi is the invisible vital force, the energy, which gives us life.

Qi Gong is the practice of building that force within our bodies through simple conscience movements and breath.  For me, it is like moving prayer.  Qi moves in vibration and in pulsation.  Tapping into the energy (qi) of living nature nourishes and accentuates the energy (qi) in our bodies.

Qi gong promotes our health ~ mind, body and spirit.  As we enter into the sacred realms of living consciously it connects us deeply with the world around us both in real time and in our understanding of how the energy of nature is constantly sustaining us and giving us gifts.  It is the ultimate practice of receiving and giving.

This ancient practice mimics the movement of the five elements; air, water, metal, fire and earth.  They correlate to our internal organs as well as the physical features of nature.  Each one is bound to a specific emotion.  By working with the natural flow of these systems the qi/energy magnifies and sustains us as well has helps us to balance and harmonize our emotions which in turn benefits our health.

In my own life, qi gong was one part of the synergistic matrix that helped me to recover from long-term Lyme disease and breast cancer. When I don’t do it, I flare up and feel ill again so it has become a very dear friend to me.