Deb’s Bio/Timeline

Here is my related professional experience summarizing my background and qualifications to assist my clients with the many approaches we have available to address their health concerns.

1978 – Moved from a small farming community in Ohio to Alaska where I worked in Special Education surrounded by the incredible beauty there

1986 – Studied with Scott Peck, author of The Road Less Traveled, to become a Community Building Workshop Leader and staff member at the Foundation for Community Encouragement

1989 – Studied with T.K. Shih of the Chinese Healing Arts Center to become a certified Qi Healer

1990 – Became a Hospice Volunteer and a Doula

1992 – Began attending various courses at Omega Institute with Stephen Levine, Ram Dass, Ken Wilbur, Huston Smith, Jon Kabat-Zinn and others through the next 8 years

1995 – Met Thich Nhat Hanh and founded a Sangha based on his teachings of Interbeing

1999 – Entered into an intense study of Sufism in various Orders and through the years, made four pilgrimages to Turkey

2000 – Entered New Seminary and was ordained an Interfaith Minister in 2003

2004 – Started an Organic Farm, Beausol Gardens and Sanctuary, where we grew food and flowers and taught interns the basics of organic and bio-dynamic farming of vegetables, herbs and flowers

2009 – Studied Flower Essences with the Bach Flower Institute

2010 – Began advanced medicinal herb study and mentorship with Matthew Wood and others. And in 2018, Julie McIntyre

2014 – Refreshed my studies of qi gong with Lee Holden

2015 – Founder of Sacred Living

2016 – Founder of Grandparents of the Forest and Sacred Forest Flower Esssences

2020 – Continued intensive inner study with the natural world