Spiritual Mentoring

In case you wanted to know more about my offering of spiritual mentoring, I wrote this description so you could understand my work a little more deeply ~

Open your heart on the starlit path of Nature ~

Do you remember feeling vital, energized and peaceful when watching the changing reds and purples of a sunset or going barefoot on the wet grass? Would you like to rekindle your heart and receive the tender blessing of communion with your own soul and all of life?

Imagine living with aliveness, depth of feeling and connection again…

When illness occurs, the focus is usually on the danger to the body.  When we are in deep grief because of trauma and challenges in every day life we often need to keep going.  We can forget that there is an unique opportunity to reconnect to the inner heart and to transform relationships with ourselves and others in our life.  There is always a well of vital force energy inside of your body and around you in Nature.  By entering the path of the heart even more energy is released; there may be a pulsation, a vibration ~ a deep, deep sigh.  And there may be moments of comfort and ease that will follow and allow healing on many different levels.Saponaria_Dew

How can you focus on your inner life when you are hurting?  Whether you have been struggling with pain and illness for a long time, if you just received an unwelcome diagnosis or lost someone or something dear to you, there is a lot to process.  Emotions can flood us.  We can try to keep going in that chaotic emotional state and we can deaden ourselves to the pain.  Another choice is to enter the stream with open heartedness and allow our feelings with loving kindness.  Allowing our emotions and honoring our experiences is life affirming and can bring the same kind of vitality as hearing the sweetness of birdsong or jumping into the buoyant salt water of the ocean.

Where can you turn for help to gently, tenderly open your heart? Doctors are mostly focused on your body’s illness, family and friends may be dealing with their own stresses and you may not really feel well enough to find other resources.  Reading or listening to audios only takes us so far.  We can feel so very alone.

During my journey with chronic Lyme disease, I needed to find a mystical synergistic alchemy to allow me to open up and find a more refreshing perspective on the challenges inherent in having Lyme.  I was desperate and at times, without a glimmer of hope: I felt that I was an observer of life instead of being alive.

By being in harmony with Nature’s cycles; Realizing I was part of her Mystery; Allowing and receiving Nature’s gifts and giving back to complete the circle ~ my heart opened again. And once my heart was alive, you know what? I could be present for my children, husband, friends ~ and most importantly, for myself.  My focus united my body and mind to my heart and there, I found peace.

I am now deeply committed to helping others with their journey.  I want to give back some of the beauty and grace that I receive every day.

Individualized and Customized Spiritual Mentoring

I offer my understanding, compassion and experience in a very focused, yet open-hearted, individual spiritual mentoring relationship.  I want to create a safe place for you to be authentic about your challenges and to help you find those tiny glimpses and touchstones of beauty and grace that can give you a breath of freshness and allow some light and strength into your life.

We may chose to co-create opportunities for deepening your relationship with Nature as well as create specific unique practices of mindfulness, heart fullness, meditation, breathing and gentle movements of qi gong which honor the elements of nature and our natural pathways of energy flow.  I may suggest flower essences as attunements or herbal remedies as well.

Together these encompass serenity, benevolence, resonance and synthesis medicine ~ the first steps to restore vitality and balance. (For more explanation of these modalities, click here.)

Deb-sitting-in-field-flip The spiritual mentoring relationship ~
~ honors the totality of your path ~ your story
~ creates a network of support for you in forms that are unique to you alone
~ helps you to find touchstones and truths which move your heart to aliveness
~ creates a spiritual safety net for you: things you can draw on in your darkest moments
~ aids you to find and remember the gifts inherent in your illness
~ helps you to be present in every moment

We will create a very intimate soulful connection that takes all of your needs ~ physical, emotional and spiritual ~ into consideration.

Perhaps this all feels too scary, too intimate or too overwhelming? At times, it may be difficult. Getting real can feel awkward and uncomfortable some times. We’ll get through that by being honest, being true and being open. There’s no right or wrong here. That’s the whole point – everything is sacred ~ our dark nights of the soul and our bright days of light. It’s all path. It’s all heart. Yes, it’s all love.

You know you’re right for this one on one work if you ~

Bachelor_Button ~ want to have a companion for your journey
~ want to believe that there is a gift in your illness
~ have an intuitive sense that this may be helpful for you
~ long to see beauty in your life
~ resonate with some of the tools that I have mentioned

Please know that I wish only the best for you.
May the love and beauty in your heart pave your way.

Please feel free to contact me and ask questions or schedule a consultation.

“Nature is alive!” Such thoughts should fill us with joy, as if fairies were discovered in our backyard. The natural world is a place of beauty, vitality, and excitement, yet even this amazing world is but the material shell surrounding the even more dazzling inner beauty of the Living Nature. Contact with this inwardly alive presence lights up the spirit. It is like a return home from exile.

When we come in contact with the Living Nature we know that there is a spiritual world and we are a citizen. Our lives become more authentic while our decisions are based increasingly on the greater good. Best of all, real magic is restored to our lives, and I do not mean the magic of creative visualization or parlor tricks, but the wonder in which children live because the next moment is alive and unpredictable.”

~ Matthew Wood ~

Spiritual mentor Deb Vail will often become ecstatic over her dog, a simple flower, violin music or a southern Appalachian handcraft. Communing with a subtly boisterous forest brings her joy difficult to contain. Deb, the founder of Sacred Living, has created a service for those with serious illness to find comfort, ease and bit of wonderment.