You want to trust the process ~ 

~ let go lightly and to tread gracefully with your heart open

You are a good person wanting to take care of yourself and your loved ones ~ to contribute to life the most you can.  You want to get up enthusiastically in the morning and go about your day as anyone would normally do.  You want to be energetic, carefree in your movements and available for others in your life.  Yet, as the first morning light pours into your bedroom trying vainly to lift your spirits, your second thought, if not your first, is “Here we go again. ”  Starting each new day requires a herculean effort.  Sadness, fear, anger and loneliness are heavy to carry.

Perhaps you’ve had a major life change ~ an illness, the birth of a child, moving, a job change or the death of someone close.  Or perhaps you are contemplating a change and are feeling insecure about it’s impending wake.  It’s hard to keep going when your heart is unsettled and hurting and you are feeling vulnerable, alone or overworked.  Is there a way through this?

You wonder what you can do ~ perhaps therapy may help or maybe you should start an exercise program to get moving and in gear?  But deep down, you feel you need something else, something different.

I’m here to remind you what you already know ~ your tender feelings are an invitation to a sacred journey to find and create deeper more meaningful relationship with life.  Yes, the love and compassion of this present moment can lead you through these challenging times.

Connecting to the heartbeat of the earth ~ to your soul ~ you begin to feel joy and inspiration again.  Can you feel the beat?  This pulse is familiar, resonant, eternal ~ a refuge.  Remember?  It’s right here waiting for you ~ your heart in sync with the deep soul of nature in the present moment.  Here, you feel alive and in community with all life.

We may be right for each other if:

  • You need someone to listen compassionately and receive all of your feelings, thoughts and sensations with tenderness.
  • You’d like to learn gentle, simple ways of caring for your mind, body and soul.
  • You want to turn to nature for inspiration and inner healing.
  • You sense you need a different context for living ~ something that is filled with beauty, honoring the truth of who you are and taking you beyond your own life.
  • You want tools and practices to feel a bit more peaceful, steady and vibrant.

Just a bit about me ~

I’m Deb, founder of Sacred Living, and I am most happy when helping others to navigate the spiritual and emotional aspects of life by connecting to the wisdom of the present moment of nature for support and spiritual healing.  Many times, as one begins to heal on these inner planes, they begin to feel a fluidity and vitality returning to their lives.

I started Sacred Living to aid people who are challenged by facing both life and death because I understand how disorienting and painful life can be.  I have been through many personal challenges – divorce, parenting four children, managing lyme disease as well as facing the death of my father and many of my parent’s generation.  I’ve moved many times and needed to start over more times than I want to admit.  In the midst of it all, I’ve found that living with conscious attention to the spiritual heart in the present moment is a portal for healing.

It is my hope you will begin to trust the love in all things ~ even in the challenges you face now.

 I will listen and be present with you. I will also offer:Deb&Tulsi_long_back

~ “Serenity medicine”, which asks nothing of you but to slow down, see, hear and receive the bounty of life.  This is the medicine of peace, belonging and stillness.  Here we allow loving kindness and practice being present in every moment. This is the foundation of healing. 

~ “Story medicine”, which honors your journey, your path, your life.  Through dialogue and queries you may gain a fresh perspective on life.  Here you begin to trust yourself and the world by honoring your intuition and wisdom ~ and the sacredness of nature herself.  Here we continue to deepen our practice of mercy and compassion.

~ “Energy medicine”, which draws on the pulsating and vibrating energy of nature that moves through all of life.  You will observe the outer landscape of nature as a mirror for your inner landscape.  By making these observations and connections, you will learn tools such as the gentle movements of qi gong, conscious breathing, harmonic sounds and meditation to increase and direct the flow of your energy in rhythm with nature.  You may also try flower essences for gentle attunements for your emotions.

~ “Give back medicine”, which aids you in contributing to the world in ways that are unique and meaningful to you.  This medicine helps you to find and honor your soul signature and allows you to give of your heart and essence no matter what condition your body is in.  This medicine completes the circle: we bring in the beauty of life, let it move through us and give it back to the world around us.

For more information about these ‘medicines’ please click here.

Remember: Your heart carries the sun, the moon and the ocean…

If your heart feels lighter from reading this; if you feel a breath of peace, if something is stirring in your soul: reach out and tell me how I can best serve you.  I would be honored.

With love,